Culture & People

At Oystershell, we want our people to Feel Good


Diverse and passionate talent pool

  • At Oystershell, we have a talented cross-functional team with an entrepreneurial, performance-driven mindset
  • The employee population is very diverse, with over 10 nationalities and respect for gender equality

Corporate culture

Entrepreneurial and Creative Thinking

Oystershell Values

  • Entrepreneurial and Creative Thinking
    We encourage people to dream when it comes to product innovation and think beyond possible boundaries
  • Performance-Driven
    We always aim to deliver on our promises. So we develop carefully considered Strategic Plans and focus on Excellence in Execution while remaining agile in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Collaborative Teamwork
    We strongly believe in collective success and encourage cross-functional teamwork bringing together different competences and talents
  • Respect for People
    At Oystershell, people are respected for who they are and treated fairly at all times.
  • Trust
    We empower our people to take initiatives based on their Competences, Skills, Knowledge and Experience

We are all passionate about contributing to the organization’s Mission while upholding the Oystershell Values.