Culture & People

At Oystershell, we want our people to Feel Good


Diverse and passionate talent pool

  • At Oystershell, we have a talented cross-functional team with an entrepreneurial, performance-driven mindset
  • The employee population is very diverse, with over 10 nationalities and respect for gender equality
  • With our Happiness Committee we create a healthy work environment and plenty of initiatives for fun, sports, family and celebration

Corporate culture

Oystershell Values

  • It’s your company too
    We encourage people to dream when it comes to product innovation and think beyond possible boundaries
  • Results matter
    We believe in keeping our promises. Our strategic plans are carefully thought out, and we strive for excellence while staying adaptable in a fast-changing world.
  • Collaborative Teamwork
    We’re big fans of teamwork that brings together diverse talents and skills. Collaboration across different areas of expertise is our recipe for success.
  • Respect for People
    At Oystershell, there are only nice people! We value everyone for who they are and treat each and every person fairly, always.
  • Trust
    We trust our team members to take initiative based on their competencies, skills, knowledge, and experience. Your unique strengths are your superpowers at Oystershell!