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Oral dosage innovation creates new product possibilities – Interview

Oystershell’s Liquishell innovation allows customers to develop new nutraceutical and health products with enhanced functionalities. CEO Mike Van Ganse and his team will be at Vitafoods Insights to unveil their new oral dosage form, and to work with developers in identifying potential new product possibilities.

Oystershell is a business focused on breakthrough innovation. “Our company has always been about bringing efficacy, functionality and improved safety to consumers,” says Mike Van Ganse. These innovations range from developing and marketing novel products in dermatology and insect treatments, to nutraceutical and mineral supplements.

“That is the real DNA of our company,” continues Van Ganse. “Good examples of our combination of high-level scientific and engineering work include a pesticide-free lice treatment, and a marketable wart treatment that is contained in a compressed cartridge. This allows to achieve an effective temperature of minus 80°C.”

For Laurens De Schepper, head of R&D at Oystershell, the Liquishell innovation is part of this tradition of cutting-edge engineering. “This is a totally different product to the two mentioned examples, but the approach is similar,” he explains. “The development of Liquishell has not just been a question of formulation, but also one of engineering and design.”


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