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Our story: An unscripted tale of Science and Nature

Welcome to Oystershell! Our journey is as unique as it is inspiring. Our peculiar company name hails from our origins in the seventies, when an old miller had the idea to crush shells of oysters to supply calcium to laying hens. Fast forward to 2002, when things took a fascinating turn with bioengineer Bart Rossel at the helm. His passion for the intricate world of plants, insects and nature’s marvels reshaped our path. We ventured into the realm of self-medication and human health, drawing inspiration from the incredible chemistry of the natural world. Our proudest moment? Becoming a leading name in the fight against head lice worldwide, thanks to innovation inspired by nature’s own designs.
Dive into our rich history, explore our innovative products, our own brands and the products that are marketed under the largest pharmaceutical customer-owned brands.

Our team

Our success is powered by our people – a vibrant mix of over ten nationalities, all bringing their unique perspectives to the table. We’re all about blending scientific curiosity with a spirit of adventure. Oystershell is a rainbow team, an environment that’s not just inclusive but genuinely welcoming.
We understand the importance of a balanced life. That’s why we foster a workplace that’s more than just an office – it’s a place where creativity thrives, and well-being is paramount. Our initiatives, from sports to family events, aren’t just about having fun; they’re about building a community that gets the best performance out of everyone.

Join the Oystershell family, where your love for science, creativity, and a healthy life all come together in one exciting career journey!

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